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Nebrasketball In The Big Apple

The best non-bird themed basketball team in Nebraska is on its way to the Big Apple for the Big Ten Tournament, and we have a full slate of activities to keep fans of the orange stripey ball occupied. Big Ten Tipoff, Feb 28th, 6pm - Starting on the Wednesday before the Tournament, we're having a full B1G Ten Meet up at McGettigans, right by Madison Square! Be one of the first 300 to show up and receive a free drink, courtesy of SoFi. NYC Huskers Party, Mar 1st, 6pm - The next day is all for Big Red, as we kick off our own tourney at Hudson Station. Game day drinks will be in full effect, so pick up five Bud Light cans for only $10 all night long. Ongoing Game Watch Parties - Of course, we'd never leave you hanging on game day. Every day Nebrasketball plays in the tournament, we'll be setting up shop at Hudson Station starting 2 hours before each game, and of course we'll keep the game on for everyone not making it to the garden. Penn State Hoops Machine Contest, Mar 3rd, 11:30am - Finally, if you would like to throw down against Penn State fans, we're partnering with them to offer a hoops machine contest on Saturday. Teams of two compete to see who can sink the most buckets, and anyone who competes to play gets a free pitcher of Coors or Miller. Learn more at:

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